Our History

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In 1966  Dr. William Augustus Story embarked on a journey with the local hospital in Cleveland County located

in the foothills of North Carolina.  Within a couple of years he was joined by Dr. Warren Lamar Harrell, Jr. and on January 2nd 1970

Shelby Radiological Associates, PA, was recognized as a corporation in the great state of North Carolina. 

With their Articles of Incorporation in place the pair got back to the real business at hand, that of giving their patients the best possible care.


Shelby Hospital, as it was known, soon became Cleveland Memorial and as it grew, so did Shelby Radiological.

The radiologists found themselves needing help with the rising numbers of patients.  In 1977, Cleveland County native

Dr. Thomas Reid Blackburn joined the group, and two years later Dr. Jess Averette Powell, III, was recruited. 


Along the way the guys added Crawley Memorial Hospital and Kings Mountain Hospital to their work load. 

In 1984 they erected their own building and invited Cleveland Memorial to move their Outpatient clinic to the premises. 

While Shelby Radiological Associates was changing so was Cleveland Memorial. The County Commissioners had turned over

its management to the Carolinas Healthcare organization from Mecklenburg and with a new name of

Cleveland Regional Medical Center's new growth began in earnest. 


Another radiologist was needed, and Shelby reared Dr. William Egbert Campbell, Jr., joined the team.

Fortune smiled on the group and Dr. Karen Sennewald was found down Charleston way in 1993.  

Dr. Campbell left that same year to accept a fellowship; the group scoured the country for the best and stole

Dr. Michael Douglas Wehmueller. With the continuing growth, another call went out and Dr. Charles Otis Tubbs answered in 1999. 


After many years of hard work, in 2000, Dr. Story, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Blackburn decided it was time to rest

and spend more time with their families.   With great sadness we said goodbye.  Fortunately for us Dr. Campbell

was ready to return to Shelby, Dr. Raul Stephen de la Vega, III, was available, and

Dr. Story decided he would like to continue on in a locum tenens position for a while, and we

happily accepted him back into the fold, even if it was to be temporary.


Patient health was top priority, we needed more help, and once again we were very fortunate as we found another highly

trained radiologist, Dr. James Ashley Stevens, Jr. who joined our group in 2006. 

In 2007 Dr. Powell announced he was ready for part-time work as his interest in a charitable organization

had increased and he would be retiring at the end of the year.  Our hunt was on for the right replacement

and we found one right here in North Carolina, Dr. Charles John Girard, II joined us in 2008. November of 2014 Dr. Sennewald

resigned  to move her career in other directions and another search began for someone to fill her shoes.


The first of January 2015

brought yet another change to our local hospitals as they were taken over completely by the Charlotte Hospital Authority and became

Carolinas Healthcare-Cleveland for the Shelby location, and Carolinas Healthcare-Kings Mountain for our sister location to the east.


From Dr. Story’s inception in 1967 through today Shelby Radiological and it diverse group of

imaging experts have been standing ready to offer our patients the highest quality care.

We boast of the best and brightest radiologists and we are very, very proud to serve the citizens of the Cleveland County area.



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Judith Parker-Proctor